Sunday, June 24, 2012

Registration is Compensable

Article 14 of the Forced Labour Convention of 1930 entitles workers to cash remuneration for services they are compelled to perform:

"1. [ ] forced or compulsory labour of all kinds shall be remunerated in cash at rates not less than those prevailing for similar kinds of work either in the district in which the labour is employed or in the district from which the labour is recruited, whichever may be the higher."

See, also, United States v. Russell, 80 US 623, 630 (1871) (conscription of goods and services is compensable).

Subjecting another to forced labor or services by threat of harm or restraint is a Category B Felony under NRS 200.463.
We assert that wages for the services here should be commensurate with the cost of those services to government if provided by law enforcement or private enterprise. This assertion is consistent with 18 USC 1593(3) which adjusts compensation to victim's of forced labor at “[ ] the [ ] value to the defendant of the victim's services or labor [ ].” We estimate that value to exceed $250,000 per year, per individual, as the approximate cost to government of acquiring the subject data through the alternative means.

A law that does not offer fair value or consider personal expense is neither normal nor civil and exists nowhere else. Witnesses and jurors receive compensation, although not nearly enough. Registration is degradation that commences ostracism -- anti community. The idea felons have civil duties where they are without civil rights defies logic and reason. "Civil" registration is a LIE subverting the bill of rights by those sworn to protect it.

Registration disproportionately impacts those receiving lesser access to justice in the first instance.