Sunday, June 24, 2012

Registration is Valuable

Government could have assigned all data collection tasks to law enforcement or private enterprise but did not do so, the cost would have been enormous. Instead, government imposed a duty on the convicted felon to supply the desired data for free. Registrants are therefore employees as defined by 5 USC 8101(1)(B):

"an individual rendering personal service to the United States similar to the service of a civil officer or employee of the United States, without pay or for nominal pay, when a statute authorizes the acceptance or use of the service, or authorizes payment of travel or other expenses of the individual"

Private businesses scrape the ex-felon's data from government websites and redistributed it for profit making purposes. E.g. A neighbor no longer needs to drive to the courthouse or hire a private investigator to perform a criminal background check on an individual. Law enforcement uses the data for crime prevention, detection and prosecution. The act of supplying data and the data itself are therefore of considerable economic value to government and the general public.